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Reminder Card Program

Mailmark's signature program automates your messaging to your entire customer base to keep them coming back at the appropriate intervals. Providing a coupon deal of your choice will initiate the call-to-action you desire to bring your customers back into your store consistently, based on researched frequency for your industry. We do all the heavy lifting for you: recommended frequency, complete database management, the notifications with the offers you choose (and can change each mailing at no cost) and complete reporting to enjoy the hard data results of your marketing efforts at work.

DART (Direct Acquisition Retention Targets)

You know you have a great product and a great business, but regardless of how well you are doing, you have to keep driving new customers to your business. And just like everything else you do, you want to be as smart as possible to maximize your marketing spend, while controlling the flow of new customers and reviewing your acquisition results to determine your return on investment. Our DART Program takes the worry out of whether you are doing everything you need for the future of your business. Intensively planned, exquisitely executed, and as far from complacent as you'll ever be; Mailmark's DART Program lets you focus on what you do best, while we analyze the market to maximize your new customer potential.

Lost Customer Program

Mailmark's Data Management expertise helps you maintain and grow your customer base in a number of ways, and our most successful spinoff of the Reminder Card Program is our Lost Customer Program or LCP. Our data analytics will identify your customers who have not come back in a specified time frame. This is a critically important group suggesting that you may be losing them to a competitor. At Mailmark, we don't want you to consider losing customers as "acceptable churn". We will help you bring them back with a program that will recapture these customers for you at Response Rates and Returns that other tactics can't even approach.

Automatic Rewards Program

We all want to reward good customers, but it takes too much time to monitor the activity and provide the reward in a timely manner. Let Mailmark do it for you, with our Automated Rewards Program. This is that little extra step that will really mean the difference, and it requires very little of your resources. Imagine a personalized thank you to every single customer you decide to acknowledge and what a tremendously positive impact that will provide for your business. Picture a notification sent to your primary customers with a note of appreciation and a coupon for a little extra, thanking them for their service. You decide what that little something extra should be and you decide at what frequency you want that reward to be mailed and then get back to your focus and let us take it from here.

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